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PERCEPT Testimonials

·       I've been an independent traveler for years, I started as a cane users and lived in a small town.  My senior year of high school I received my guide dog alpha.  And my mode of travel and ease at which I travel expanded, I found myself going into new places that I haven't gone before.  I see PERCEPT opening that same type of avenue. 


·       I think the system is great because it is so easy to use, you don't need to remember a whole bunch of commands, its all there literally at your fingertips.  If you get turned around, which i know blind people typically have difficulty orienting themselves, all you do is find a door and receive navigation instructions, which is a whole lot more efficient than retracing my steps all the way to the entrance of a building.  I think its a great tool and will be beneficial to allot of people in many different situations.


·       The system is very helpful.  For many people who are visually impaired, it would help them get around college campuses, hospitals, and other places on their own.  It will make them feel more independent than depending on someone else.


·       If you have Percept you won't need to ask anyone (for help),  you can be independent on your own and go your own way.  


·       (Percept) will cut down on anxiety.  Allot of us get anxious when we are lost, and we can't find our way out, or know where to go.  And to ask someone for help and have them not be helpful makes you even more anxious and more frustrated.  To have this system, takes away all that worry, frustration, and need on depending on someone else.


·       I've tested many different devices and been apart of many studies.  From these experiences one thing that particularly interests me is how beneficial is the device under numerous circumstances.  There are so many devices designed for particular use and kind of people, and outside that scope they would be useless.  But with my experience with PERCEPT I can see PERCEPT benefit anyone, in any indoor environment, whether they are blind, low vision like myself, or have full functional vision.  It is a very useful system.  


·       There are certain places I would like to go on my own and not have to depend on my wife.  To just go there, have the PVTA (Bus Transportation) pick me up, and go back home.  This (PERCEPT) will enable me to do it.


·       I love technology. As far as computers with Screen Readers it helped me graduate school and help me do my job. And I can see this (PERCEPT) also as something making a big impact in my life.    


·       Mostly everybody has to go grocery shopping.  Many (people) go to malls or like to travel, going to bus stations and trying to find a terminal. When your inside buildings there are times you need to find the restrooms. PERCEPT can enable me to do these things without relying on another person.      


·       I liked it (PERCEPT).  I like the way the instructions were given in a very logical and easy to follow manner.  I loved the experience (trial), the system was fun to use.